Answers to questions not yet asked!

I sit here once again to publish my thoughts only a few will even take the time to read but to those who do I want to thank you and those who don’t I pray for you even more. I pray each and everyday that those who don’t know God will come to soon. I feel though that we as people of this earth only have so much time. We are only give so much opportunity and time by the messages we hear from people who walk with God. That one day will come whether it is after we, this generation of the currently living, die or before only God knows when He will come. Jesus said “only my Father knows the hour in which He will come.” So why not prepare yourself for that day not the day you get your next car or even your next job. Prepare today even as I write these words down as God already knew I would do. In the most perfect time we live in to announce such things that I am going to announce to you. Stop, Look, Examine your lives that you so desire to live it is in accordance with God’s?  I look at mine and see that maybe not quite so but I am on the journey of life for real this time where I don’t look back and those who I don’t currently see now in my future will be left in the past only to find themselves maybe alone in this world but truly your never alone. Maybe you ask yourself if God is there why don’t He answer me. Well even the ones all the way back to Genesis the land filled with wickedness of people and the land was corrupt before the flood those people of Tubal Cain were not listening so they did not hear God. When the flood came they finally did but by then all the wickedness had drowned in the things that they were doing which was living in the flesh and not for God. You know even now in the present time we live in the flesh not relying on God for the answers to the questions not yet asked out loud but by in our hearts the words go without sound. Silence our hearts sit inside our bodies contained there but the heart of us is our soul and its should speak out to be heard the words of truth. I shall remain faithful and hopeful that one day I will see all of you again even those who think they are saved on this earth please you have know idea people. Yet again another example of not listen if we the people the inhabitants of this earth were already saved why then are we still here on this earth. While yes having believe, faith, repent and being baptized starts the salvation process our work is not done. I myself once lived in a world full of false teachings simply because I did not open God’s word and really look inside the words of truth. My life I have always searched for the Truth only to find lies. I do not blame the people who taught me for what they were taught I can only blame the one who started these lies of once saved always saved and even the so called sinners prayer to ask Jesus in to your heart. That is simply a lie and if you were taught that I suggest you find the real truth most of which is a place call the Churches of Christ. Al though I will say this not all of those are maintaining the true doctrine according to the Church. I can speak the truth over and over and some may not even hear it or read it on my pages I will leave behind. I will say this the ones who do read this or may hear me speak am I saying the truth you have been wanting to hear. If so open your hearts and minds free yourselves with the burdens of the search you have so desperately been seeking. Just as my words have been written only to be glanced upon by a select few while I do not or will ever compare what I write to what was written so long ago in the Bible but my pages that I author here on my blog or Facebook will to be by most go on ignored. Ignoring the words you read because this whole time for those Christians, or more or less claim something that you either don’t live by anymore or most were not in the first place, out there I beg you examine your life does it add it up to God’s word. I urge you now to look about your self down to your very essence of your breathe of being not leaving one no not one inch unturned by your eyes does it match at least some of what God has directed us to do. I know there are things n this world that I may not do but I will try at least to get it done. One thing for sure that I don’t do which I should do more often and by means of now I am doing is holding those who claim to be Christians or the ones who think that they are saved completely now is hold you accountable for all that you are currently doing now. Most of you are not listening and you wonder why your lives feel so disgusting sometimes or wondering why God wont answer your prayers. Its really simple listen to Him and He will listen to you. If you live your life wondering why God allows things to go on the way he does if you knew Him you would already know the answer to that question. Then you go on about your life taking God’s Name in Vain yet you don’t even know what that means anymore. Then you announce to people that you believe in God but not organized religion. I will answer that one you don’t want to live by that organized religion but you want a clean and organized house in which you live. Why do we want a clean and organized house but not religion. No sense to me. What makes sense is the ones who say they believe but are not really believers to obey God is to believe Him in all the things He has spoken the by the writings inspired by Him to be written. First things first God has no last name and even if you don’t believe in God. Are you really an atheist when you curse His name? How can you be something such as that of an atheist when you take His Name in Vain? I will say this I quit smoking because I was not in accordance with Him who I truly believe and I truly believe by trying to Obey Him with everything that is in me. Obeying God’s word is not just on on faith or saying you do its by actually living according to Him and everything He has spoken or inspired those in writing. I leave now my arms are tired my brain is quiet and all the words come to a close for now. With tears in my eyes and pain in my face I know that very few will read this most wont even care cause they do not believe and the ones who say they do and don’t follow every word of God’s will one day be gone forever for real. I care and love all people and pray for all of you that one day you will see the light. If you do see the light on this please don’t worry about loosing friends I don’t I will love all those who hate me or do not follow along as I do one day you may exist no more as you really do believe now. Your soul will be destroyed and you can not see what I may see. I can only hope that, that one day of Judgement comes I will be truly forgiven and be allowed to see the true creation of Heaven.

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