As I sit here wondering and wandering in my mind I come to find the words that I leave behind in others minds. I know they are just words written in and on a computer to post to a blog. Digitally I find those words live on in the world of the internet that is tracked by the NSA. Why when we speak out loud or have written something down people can understand them straight and to the point while some it takes more that a minute to begin to fathom what God speaks in the words that are written in the Bible. No matter how you read it electronically or on paper. Its very difficult to think that we speak so much more clearer or more intelligent than those of ancient times. If that’s the case why is there no context to my words. I am talking to everyone now and who read this after you. They will infer many things which is utterly stupid to infer anything of what I say cause I speak directly to all people with no context of setting cause I did not put one single form that you could not understand my words are very clear. Then why is the context so important to understand what those who have written in the bible. Are our times so that much different?  Not really the only difference is that we are more advanced in what we live in and the things we use the building or vehicles we see or drive or enter those structures. Does that make our minds so much more advanced I think not. I think personally our minds have become rotten with things that should not be in the first place. We were allowed to proceed the thoughts into form of the physical simply because God allowed it. Why then is reading and studying the bible seems as though its one of the hardest things to do in life. Not wanting to read or study what is laid down in the form of words before us. With the advancements of civilizations now is the bible more advanced than us?  Questions that form from my mind are endless as to why I can not find a way to explain this maybe its our hearts are truly blinded by other things in this world that we can see or feel or begin to fathom the words of love that are written. Why don’t we clearly see this and we go on ignoring the things in the bible and say things like that’s context and only applies to those that they were talking about at the time at the time it was written. Even more so Churches around this country are allowing things to fit into culture like allowing women to speak or homosexuality to enter and go on like its not against God’s word. Just so they can have more people come to there church when they don’t even know what The Church is about. You have no idea what I am talking about then you need to read study your bible. Don’t be misguided by those that are trying to lead you go to the source and ask those who really know the truth. Picture all this with all the thoughts that are running around in your mind at this time if you read this take it to heart it was meant for you to. To possibly crush those thoughts about why we cant understand something so simple in our so advanced world.

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