Suffering… It’s what we all do!!!

From a time in each of our lives all the way back to the very first time you remember no matter what age we remember how we suffered. We the people of this planet all over the planet people have suffered. Some not knowing why and how long we will suffer. As the past 8 months I have suffered greatly but I remember there are others who are currently and in the past have. I remember the children that suffer right this minute. I remember all the people that have suffered all the way back from the beginning. I have looked back quite a distance and remember so much of suffering I endured emotionally. Then I turn my eyes on people who are no longer here because God said suffer no more your body is tired, truly tired. As I sit overwhelmed by tears that are wanting to pour. I remember one person that suffered greatly. She was my wife who suffered over 20 years. While in mind there are others who suffered from the same. Now I turn to in my mind all the things she shared with me and one of those things is that there is so many out there that we don’t know about who suffer from the same. No matter where we look with our eyes whether it be inside us in our minds or outside we can really notice that the earth suffers too. Vegetation not so grand as it once was and people or most caused it. No matter where we go suffering will cause us inside to change emotionally. We are frustrated at the sight of injustice by those who suffer from such soreness. Not knowing what lay ahead in the future we try to remember Jesus Christ who suffered immensely even before he was put on the cross. Now we have something to look for if we keep in mind those such as Jeannie, my love, my inspiration. I will say I truly understand now. Through the tears even while you were still on the this earth. I now know what is really going on. Thank You so much for everything you ever said or done for me. I still love you I cant help it. I love you still even though your not here. I will do my best for the rest of my life with many changes that I am not ready for. I don’t know if love will ever come to me truly cause I truly don’t know. Only God knows that answer so for now I will only try to be the best person I can be. I will try now to be as closest I can be to God as possible which means I have to rid myself of all things that hinder me. I will quit sitting here and feeling sorry for my self and remember you. You gave your life to God in all the ways possible even when your were so sick but you got up from the bed you were in and gave it some more. So with all that in each of our minds that read this remember just remember all the Veterans that gave their lives for this country the ones who are here and not here. The ones that are here still suffer for all that they saw when they were in the service some still currently serving this country who are fighting for the safety of us. They suffer greatly as well. My suffering comes from feeling the emotions of others who have endured such horror in their lives. I also remember that there comes a time when the suffering comes to an end. No matter where we look suffering and then one day you, with hope and doing what God asks you to do, will see happiness and beauty beyond our feeble little minds. We must forgive all those who trespass against us no matter how big or small it was. With God as our final judge and gives us one day of such in the end its all worth it to suffer. I have taking a break from writing some of the post on my blog I do want to remove not really needed for my purpose. Thanks so much for reading God bless.

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