Life is puzzling but fit them together…


I am not sure where to begin with this one. Words lately have become scarce. Not sure what to think or say or even do. I do know there are people in this world that need special care and understanding on our part. As we walk with God in mind and heart I began to realize that there really is a puzzle almost where I can see the pieces and the finish product but cant exactly see how they fit. As I wonder and wander through the minds of others its really terrifying to think “Are we so unique that we cant help another in need?” Not in my mind we have to try to reach others by our words. Cant be forced either other wise you see a spill on isle 5 that needs to be cleaned up because you were a child on the cereal isle begging your mom for some weird jacked up cereal that you at the time could not pronounce. So as we continue to sit and wonder how to reach that person we must first ask three questions : What is your name? How are you doing? What can I do for you? See in my mind its not about what I can achieve from doing this its what they achieve. Its not about me really its about God in what he has called us to do. Those in need take pride in helping but not to be proud within yourself bring glory to Him that gave you life in the first place. There are many that I hold dear and very near to my heart but there is one that new one I feel like a child in a candy store. Then I realize that to much to soon can cause stomach aches even heartaches. So I am working on the puzzle pieces to fit them the best way not just a fast way to hurry and get to the end and say “hey I completed that!” To me its not about that. I don’t want to completely complete it I want to expand it and grow with it. Then when the end comes and the hand is dealt I can be satisfied that it was at its best. Very strange thoughts that come from my mind not knowing what I will say but I with the best intentions do not mean to cause harm its 2015 now and so much has happened. Life is sad sometimes to think that you cant always get what you want but I know this I will always be happy what I have at the moment cause each grows shorter by the minute for all of us. Breathe by breathe til your last. So take one minute to thank God for the minute you do have and maybe you shared it with someone special. That love never fades no matter how much stuff gets piled on top of it. It may get buried and hurt when you move things out of the way but its still there you havent lost it or anything that you gained in your life. Yes my life has been hard and so has everyone’s. The past year has been difficult but there are words I hear everyday that just hits the tears I thought I had lost dried up like raisins. I have cried so much but then I realize that’s ok cause I begin to heal. Healing is awesome. Just remember this Love of another is right around the corner. No matter what you have done or will do or what someone said or has done to you someone out there really loves you. Now piece together all this that I have written and you will see the beautiful picture and it begins with You…

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