Monthly Archives: July 2014

Understanding, Wisdom and Insight!

As I am working on a project I sit and watch the Book of Daniel and The Passion of Christ. Something came to me which is in the form of understanding granted wisdom which I so desire for myself and all that follow God. I have learned and grew to learn that all suffering which happens to all those upon the earth happens. We must strive to understand and humble ourselves under the Most High God. As I walk through my time with others amongst me teach them the ways in which I know given to me by insight into the wisdom and understanding of all before me some still live. To choose otherwise may lead to my destruction not to my salvation. With words typing as I lay upon the screen with my eyes that forever gaze upon God I remember Him and say let your will be done not of mine or that of others. I will always utter from my lips let all other ships pass and sail away from me for God you are so kind when I come to know you more and more everyday. I have learned from your messengers that you sent even Jeannie may she rest in peace. Peace is unique to those who live it. As I walk I will share her story along with God’s from where it all began. Walking further into the mind of me I share this I hear His words that speak to me through other means and of my heart. I will never forget those things which were taught to speak the language of you forever more. My heart cries to you to deliver me to where I am supposed to be. I ask that all that oppose me shall walk away and not speak to me rather than spill from their lips lies to deep to realize. I pray that one day they may see the true Faith by way of your most precious children. Those who fight the fight they fight unique to them only I pray to encourage them forever. To lift up your Name Jehovah with the most highest Honor and Glory. I don’t know where my journey will end I just know it will be as you have planned with no more delays let me speak only what you have me to speak. I rest my eyes upon you and your words in hopes of one day leading people on the right path. I hear my name being called as if I am supposed to go and see people that I may put back on the right path for I know you are real and you are beside me every step of the way . I love you Heavenly Father Jehovah and all things created. You are perfect in every way and just in all your ways. I must knock down the doors that stand in my way to get to you. One day I know you will call me home and I want to make sure I have a way to get to you the closet I will ever be. As I begin to separate my self from the worldly people I will seek out and find the answers which I know are there just not meant for me to understand just yet. As I conclude this writing I will say to all that read this please take the time to read fully read this maybe you feel God as I have through many messengers and other sources of knowledge. I pray for all whether you ask or not it is given cause I know people pray for me so I will pray for those who are burden by the afflictions of this world. No one knows the time God will come but He is coming regardless. He will descend from heaven as He has done before. Every eye will see and every heart will know that the One True Living God is upon you and your time is over on this earth. For the old Heavens and Earth shall pass away and a new Heaven and Earth will be put into its place and the Meek shall inherit the new earth and all the rest will be beside the only one true God. Amen