Here We Go!!!

Before I begin I just want to thank God for allowing me to speak today. I just want to say to all the sick people out there whatever the sickness is I pray for you! I mean if you look at all people in some way we are sick in some way like some people will get smarter based on a deep dish pizza. Yes I referred to my last post. I will always  us that blog from now on here and there to remind everyone of how sick people can really be. As days get short and winters colder its colder than that in the hearts of the ones who find laughter in someone’s sickness when they themselves are sick. I don’t understand with all the smarts I have can not even begin to understand how grown people act the way they do. I don’t believe its all your fault either but could it be when you know its wrong and continue to do so. That’s what ignorance is to me just think that’s the same kind of problem that has be going on from the very begin. People made fun of Jesus so why should I think that people today to entertain the devil instead of Glorifying God. I have used computers in many ways never once before all of this would I feel the need to write more and more everyday. To Glorify God the Almighty I will say that the things when Jeannie and I setup this page we gave strict instructions about rude or disrespectful towards anyone on our page will not be tolerated. So guess what if your not with God your not with me or Jeannie for that matter. Well for all those thinking of interfering in God’s plan you are mistaken it wont work if its not in his plan then nothing will stop that. Just as the ones who anonymously reported us and we are still here! Just incase people forgot even if it’s a prayer request I have a right to assemble in a religious practice in the united constitution. So now that you know the earthly laws lets get you ready for God’s law. If you find yourself to clueless I highly recommend seeking professional help oh wait that means you have to speak to God. Well he appointed such mediators like the Pastor at your local Church. If for some reason you just don’t want to listen the I pray that one day when you read this or anything else I write maybe just maybe you will change the path you are on. Just so you know that the people I am speaking to are not ones I would think would be of God just themselves and you know what that means of the devil. If you are or think your living a hard life let me enlighten you on that there is always someone worse than you!. Never know who you maybe entertain or dispute with you might be among Angels’! No matter what though I will continue my path that I am on right now and try and make sense of the wicked. Well I better leave that up to my pilot His name is Jesus!


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