Deep Dish!

Well 1 day completely off Facebook and I have noticed something. I know I have had less stress from the outside world just in a short time period. Well I was thinking on something though. I was thinking that food does improve something it can improve your GI tract or make it worse. So I had deep dish pizza tonight so far so good but it did not improve my thinking only made me realize the potential bad stomach issues for those who have no stomach. I have Gastritis so pizza is not really helping the situation but most of the time I don’t eat cause of things unknown other than my gastritis. Well I think about all those that don’t know about such issues I am here to tell you that its real because not only do I live with such issues so does my wife who struggles then the world sees fit to denounce her in every way. Mainly with words, no phone calls and no visits but a few have. You know I was planning on make jokes about the things I have witnessed from the view of a friends page on facebook I see its still goes on laugh now cry later. JUST TO LET ALL THOSE THAT READ THIS WHEN THE TIME COMES FOR JEANNIE TO LEAVE THIS EARTH MOST OF THE THOSE THAT FAILED TO BE RESPECTFUL WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO ATTEND. I SAID THAT SO AND MY WIFE WILL AGREE TO THOSE TERMS. I just want to make this clear above to those who think sick and twisted to further be clear I will remove personally anyone that is not supposed to be there. To name one person in particular is Chris Chandler . You laugh all you want now but remember or be careful to those that see you how foolish your behavior.  This life is not a joke neither is anyone elses we all have our share of problems but me and my wife are taking the time to live the way we want to without facebook. I will still continue to write be cautious my words maybe in a book one day. I wanted to bold some of the things I am saying so it is clear on what I am saying or meaning as we all seem to atleast my knowledge most of the people I am referring to are college educated which seems rather disturbing on if adults are acting this way what will your children think later as they can do what they want to do and laugh at others who are sick. Well I say this I pray for all of you out there that seem to do what you want now live how you want to live and leave me alone about all your sicken disbursement of words without cause to use such harsh content on facebook. You may never know who is watching your page if you have a job employers may look at your page or if you are in management you may be looked at by higher authority. Very interesting how we worry about what our bosses think why don’t we worry about what Jesus thinks anymore?  As far as I know and all the bold type nice font evenly spaced some other language oh for those who don’t read such an elegant book its called the HOLY BIBLE! In there you find many things such as life’s lessons. You know you may find yours to be freshly pressed with dust on the cover or buried with others books long forgotten and long over due to pull it out and start reading again or for the first time. Well for now if I say anymore will just be redundant or not needed. The point I am making is simply and conclusively that be care for the things you say or do are never unnoticed you may have a habit of doing it so much that you start doing it other places. Ask yourself this question when your children begin to understand what you saying which they may already do and since they are impressionable learn as you do not what you say but your actions. I will continue to pray for all those that read this and love everyone no matter if they love me or not!


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