A Rapid Growing Problem!

I am 34 and don’t care what others think.  I have been down a rough road some of which my own doing by bad choices that I have made. After all these years I have learned from those mistakes and continuing to keep on the right path. Now I have seen a lot of things bad and good no matter will spare the details to make my point. A rapid growing problem as the title of this blog which is really a question which I will answer. You maybe think what could be a problem now with all the other problems of this world but I have noticed that families have this problem cause they get comfortable with each other and do as they please which appears that they don’t care. Well my view on the problem is that I don’t know if it will ever stop which causes pain to me but to others as well. Wow still haven’t listed the problem yet well the problems are with peoples mouth’s. Even me at times have said things not intentional but once you say things its too late to take back so we must learn from this. God says our tounges are like two-edged swords. Now I know fully what that means because the words that come out of us cut and cut deep. Since the events that led up to this blog is recent people with this disease. Its sort of like when you over indulge you have stomach related issues that we all know about. What happens is that you realize maybe I should not eat so much and you may consider changing the way you eat. I think people will not change the way the talk to others simply because we live in a world that thinks more about the First amendment instead of the the Ten Commandments by God. I love God, My wife, and this country. So I know how things work in this world but as most don’t listen to God what makes me think that they would even care what I had to say. I am not saying I a lot of people I know do this I have just noticed that it’s a rapid growing problem. Now that recent events from this it is decided by me and my wife that we will no longer speak on here meaning FB. We are done with the ones who cant talk, or things that are said that are trashy or simply because they feel they can say anything we don’t have to listen or see it posted so we wont see anything for a while if not forever. My wife is the only important thing right now in my life so I am going to focus on God and her and that’s all I really need to focus on. I don’t know when God will call her home but know this she will be called home one day. So you never know when that will happen if you care at all then you know what to do.


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