Life Unknown!

This blog and every other one I write is inspired by my wife Jeannie! Well you all know that God is the truth so that’s what I write. There is so much I can say about my wife which most will never be written or even spoke about but I will say all that I am going to say for now about her. She has been a wonderful inspiration to me as but let me ask you this simple question What is the point to be inspired if nothing in return is giving? With that question presented I further elaborate further. Why do others NOT ALL among her friends, family or the like  sit in silence and not visit or message. I want each individual who reads these words to continue to think on this from now until you no longer are able to. I will say this from the NOT ALL IN BOLD means that some family and friends do speak to her. Why do people who care or say they do not speak is it FEAR! To sit in silence means you cant speak or your afraid to. It is sad when families depart from the mouths of others and not her. Since we have been married its been so wonderful and I wont give up on us just because the road is rough the love I have is unique I see in my heart so I know. Why is that the same love you have for God and you talk to Him but not to a sister of Him  you speak not? Life will go on whether or not you do speak but I will speak for ever almost if I am haunting those of conviction. She is full of courage beyond my understanding but as we are all human we all have feelings and emotions spawn from such. Yet we still pray and ask God to heal. As God says in His word that by my stripes you are healed. So does that mean we are already as healed on earth as we will ever be or are we healed because he saved us to prepare us for our home in Heaven. So for now this is not goodbye for her she is still here and if that is as healed as she is going to be then I will endure with her forever until there is no more. Let the words I speak linger in the hearts and minds of many who read. I remind you that while this is positive thinking it does not mean she will be healed. God gets what he wants regardless of yours. His will be done on earth as it is in Heaven so he says that clearly through out the whole Bible He shows us that over and over from Genesis to Revelation. So listen close to this As much as we want someone to stay with us on this earth we will all leave one day. My wife is awesome as she goes day by day living the life she has been living with love , faith and courage without ceasing. The suffering I believe is God’s Love at its hardest. No matter how much Faith or love or courage even we still feel pain. To my Wife: I will always love you even after your gone I will hurt and eventually get to where I can control the emotions again its so hard to imagine you even not being around. To write this I must endure and will continue to do so. To all others: I will be here until my last breathe on this earth to remind those of her especially the ones who don’t speak or refrain from doing so because of FEAR! Fear is what ponders and preys on the ones who don’t see the real truth. The truth about life itself is that we all have a purpose to most have idea what their purpose is and that is understandable. I will say this I do know my purpose but don’t feel everyone would understand and that being said I wont say what it is. What I will say is that God is real he is there whether or not we recognize that. If you have any doubt whether he is real or not is simply look at my wife with the journey she is on right now and also where does love come from if God don’t exist?  So now that’s disclose open your mind up and see what I say is true. Even I wont hear from most who read this its really not important what is important is that you read this. I wonder sometimes if people are really busy or so busy they don’t even know that people other than them selves exist. Why cant we let go of ourselves for once to feel the emotions of the ones who need us the most to make the next life even better. Why do we hold on to the past so much to hinder the futures of the lives who chose to live in fear. I do fear God’s wrath but I take this into consideration what if the Final Judgement God ask why did you not speak when you could therefore as I sit in silence for I don’t even know you. You know it’s a wonder with all the religious people who claim to follow God don’t even know or think they know the real meaning of what God says that “ He will judge you openly amongst your peers not for the things you have done but for the things you have not done!” What would your response be? What if you didn’t get into heaven because you sat in silence from those who cherish the words of people she loves? The questions you have before you are real I ask them because I believe there truth. Final thought really think about the truth that is spoken. I urge those who read to read this and to encourage those to change now cause you could very well burn in the end. So that with all that you are given just a breathe of fresh air the next could be your last or Jeannie’s…  BUT SHE IS STILL HERE ON THE SAME PLANET AS OTHERS ARE. SO IN THE NEXT BREATHE THINK ABOUT IF THIS WAS THE LAST THING YOU READ AND YOU WERE JUDGE AND YOU WENT TO SOMEWHERE WHERE YOU DON’T WANT TO BE BECAUSE YOU FAILED TO LISTEN TO ONE OF GOD’S FAITHFUL SERVANTS. Interesting………


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