Childish Twists and Turns!!!

Before I begin I will say this if you take offense to what I say its your own doing. Meaning that I will not name names in this post only me and my wife’s name will be mention or has already been mentioned. As I begin this I will say that I only post when i feel that it is needed or i have been inspired by events that may or may not be tied to me or anyone i know just observe the words and let my words speak inspirations to you. While i do the typing I want to remind also i have no hatred towards anyone nor want ill feelings in regards to people as a whole. I have come to realize that people while being adults and children being children sometimes adults are childish or child like. In fact God says we are all his children. I do look towards my wife for this inspiration because of how she handles life and everything that is thrown in our direction cause we are a whole body together. I am really writing this to tell you that you will be held accountable in some way no matter your religion and i have took my whole life just about in studying all religions. Let me make that clearly to those who dont know me completely. Studying is reading not practicing that religion. I am not saying that I have practicing anything but Holy Bible. So that being said i will continue. To continue this is to ponder on why words hurt so much when people say them is to understand people. Not that i can fully understand nor do i believe that anyone can understand anyone else for that matter. Instead of understand the person we assume all people are the same with the same illnesses. The problem is that the illness its that people dont deal with anything to easily. Lets focus on the person and not the illness for once in our busy lives in which i think are not really so busy especially when i notice a lot of notifications and few messages. I do believe all Americans are in fact lazy in some way. We are also thieves in some way too and i say this is how people steal someones time by not giving the time of day to a good friend who is really sick. That is due to the fact about what i said in the beginning not being able to handle or ignoring the situation like an osterich with its head in the sand cause it was ashamed by what it saw. Also so they would not see the slap in the face when the heard the bad news that day. Its ironic how people watch scary movies or horror movies but when it comes to the sick and no one says a word is that person still sick?  Indeed they are and thats the horror of life when someone is to busy or scared to talk to that person then let me make a movie of someone goes through non epileptic seizors and see the horror of someone who looses friends good friends or misplace friends because the friends are living their lives and not caring to share moments with someone who thats really all they have left. If you are a Christian then you know that Golden rule but it also applies to all that live upon this earth how can you say your human and have feelings but you take offense to one word that is harmless until you make it seem as though your feelings are hurt. I dont say a whole lot but i do speak my mind and as long i am in accord with my Heavenly Father then thats all that matters. I dont show emotion in front of people most think i am angry well in my mind you have not see angry but now i have obtain control of that anger. I have went quiet for reasons unknown that metaphorically speaking. Thats funny. Well Its hard to fathom that only half of the people that read all this will be lost by the end. In my opinion please try to read and understand this I say all that to say this be cautious in your tone when speaking that can have serious effect on things. Peace be with you.

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