Monthly Archives: January 2014


In my opinion determination is a everlasting characteristic. With determination there is not impossible of course God is involved in all that happens to you or anyone. All my years of 34 being alive I have noticed that so many people when they live with an illness they go in a very positive outlook in life. So often that we don’t realize which includes my self in this perspective cause I am writing it. I may not punctuate right but I get my point across which is one of my key this my life. Take a journey, live, breathe some air, then take a close look we are all sick in some way emotionally, spiritually, mentally and physical. Just a thought occurred to me is that we may have all those. I have not seen a totally healthy individual. We are all dying of something. Some of us are dying to live while we all are living to die. No matter what it takes always never give up. I hear sometimes people say never or people believing you should never say never. Well I don’t feel its bad when you put it before “give up” cause that is what I live by. Yeah I may get down a lot about whats going on but in my mind I know that everything will work out. You have everything you have now you were every meant to have and I am not talking about the possessions you own. I am talking about us as humans. God breathed life into us and that is all we were ever supposed to have and from that we grew into intelligence. We all have not one person on this earth is stupid. We are all gifted in some way with many talents as to some. I have may talents and I do have determination to get a job done. I been sitting and waiting while looking here and there. We all struggle with life day to day some more than others as it would seem that way to many while in actuality we struggle the same just not at the same time. You could be married and have children and the whole family suffers that being said look at this for a moment. We are unique to the very essence of which God made us but as sand he made us from each spec of dust is not the same. If we stop and look around then and only then we will see that nothing in this earth is the same so how can I fully understand myself when I know this. I don’t I let God do the work that he does every day of my life always has. No matter which corner I turned or where I was at or what I was doing, through the good and the bad days He was there. If you are loved by someone God exists since we know we are loved by some or many. We are limited to our own minds because we are not God. This life as we know it to ourselves is one mystery in it self. I conclude with these words by a very powerful speaking person. He said “Lean not to your own understanding but unto mine.” That’s a good book to read and we all have it somewhere by even in a hotel. I highly recommend it. Thanks to all the love shown to me and now I return it to be replenished. That’s the circle of life and its love and we all have it. Goodnight.