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God Allows Suffering

Well as I begin the very first blog I take a few breaths to see what comes out of me. I am able to see the richness of what God has to offer. I believe a lot of non believers are just that because they have read some where that God allows suffering. In my journey I have often bounced from one idea to another one while leaving the question unanswered. I am not good with words when it comes to this. I really think God allows this to occur so that we will keep enduring for His greater purpose than that of ours. We must lean not to our own understanding but to His which was given to us in the first place by Him. My Mom instilled in me this very value that “It is so easy to be bad but so hard to be good.”  Being good is anything that is not against God. Which brings me to another interesting point, which is why I think that so many people turn away from God, is that simply no one is truly saved until we are judged by Him in the final judgement. We have to be baptized three ways, by word, by water, and finally Holy Spirit. That does not mean we are out of the water and free to do anything we choose to do except all good things that God made us to do. I still struggle as all Christians do but I am learning each day I follow Him that I must rid all things that hinders me. From the very beginning of creations of Adam and Eve there was sin when the devil was allowed in the Garden of Eden to test them both. Since than wages of sin is DEATH and by the way all sin is equal sin there is not one sin that is greater than the next. So if I lie I am no different from someone who murders. He says that “thou shalt not lie” if you do then you are killing the Holy Spirit. I do not quote the Bible too much. I have learned many things and suffering is what I see the most along with death. I married my wife on September 14 2013 knowing everything that she has endured for 20 plus years. I have learned that while God does allow suffering to occur the faith that she has is unheard of, yes she hurts very painfully in so many ways, but she keeps her faith. I met years ago then God put me other places so that I would learn. The hard path I took was not hard enough until I had the chance of meeting the woman, with so much of Gods’ love inside her, that I realized that this is my purpose. No matter how torn I was inside spiritually God sent me to her as her reward for her faith and mine even though I was struggling so much with my addictions. I have put those addictions away even though they haunt me. Now it is time to do as my Mom said to me, who by the way passed in Dec. 23, 1998 of cancer, that never to look a gift horse in the mouth. You take what God throws at you and you ask for more. I still to this day do not know exactly or completely why God allows suffering but I do know that the answer will be giving when judgement is giving to me. Till then I will keep searching as those who struggle with the same or with what you struggle with. Never give up hope or lose faith cause God is not dead He is probably right there next to you, as He is to me, watching you trying to figure out why not just come to your senses. If you have answers you seek, if you truly and with a whole heart, ask God for those answers and its time for you to know them He will give you them. Now you maybe thinking that truly and wholesome heart is what you got please note that we are not perfect in His eyes. Ask your self are you living according to how he says you should live? If not then fix that the best you can then revisit the question and who knows by God will give you the answer along the way. He is always been beside me every step of the way even those dark moments where I wanted to throw in the towel. I simply asked if you have a purpose for me then show me and shortly after that I received a phone call and said you do have a reason to live. Oh before I close a special thought for all those who read this, if you’re an atheist I will use the law of science to prove God existence, Law of Inertia states: An object at rest will stay at rest, forever, as long as nothing pushes or pulls on it. An object in motion will stay in motion, traveling in a straight line, forever, until something pushes or pulls on it. The universe did not stay at rest cause God pushed or pull it apart and it did not stay traveling in a straight line either cause for one a circle is not a straight line. I have also heard some say that if I don’t see it, it don’t exists but we breathe everyday and we don’t see air directly. I do know that some may not see God directly but he shows himself everyday by the people who are around us and the Love they have, which by the way is the only thing that can not be measured by any instrument. So if God is not here then where does love come from for the scientists which I am glad to mention that even Einstein himself called out to God and he was not an atheist. I can rest now knowing what I know simply because I have shared this message with more to come. God Bless everyone!!!